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Injection to blame for 98% myocarditis in children

In November a publication came out by cardiac surgeon Stephen Gundry about increased inflammatory markers in the coronary system after the injection for ''Covid-19''.

At the end of November a renown British cardiologist dr. Aseem Malhotra explained on UK television what this publication was all about.

It was allarming. But we already know. Internet and modern technology allows us to get information faster than ever, before media and ''science'' confirms it.

The chance to get heart disease in 5 years after injection has increased from 11% to 25%. This is huge.

Hospitals have been seeing younger and younger patients come in with heart attacks.

When did children die of heart attacks? And why would Pfizer add tromethamine to the jab formulation, a known drug for heart attacks?

And myocarditis is not something that goes away. Your heart muscle is permanently destroyed.

We have been seeing sport players falling to the ground too often these last months. But hey, no correlation.

We have come to the point where everyone knows someone who has died after getting the injection.

It might be time to wake up.




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