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You serve us - Australia on the rise

AustraliaTimes and others are relaying this historic moment.

As part of a march against vaccine slavery (no less) in Melbourne, a crowd of demonstrators interrupted traffic and several thousand protesters were seen surrounding a police station and chanting "You serve us"  to the police.

In a country which is undoubtedly at this stage the most affected by the globalist gangrene, with confinement, delusional fines and even camps for those who dare to rebel, the Australians are not giving in.

And even more, they just sent an incredibly important message.

This message is relatively clear to law enforcement around the world: "Even if there are 300 of you in your police station and you forget who you are supposed to protect, you will never have enough bullets for all of us, so either for good reasons (most of you) or for bad reasons, you are serving us ”.



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