The Netherlands

The Netherlands



Vaccination policy


No vaccine in Holland is mandatory, yet they are heavily recommended. The timings are tightening up and uptake is increasing. It is estimated that 80% of the population is not aware that vaccines are a choice and not mandatory. In Holland there are 27 vaccines offered in the first year.


EFVV organisations in The Netherlands:



Other pro-choice organisations in The Netherlands:



Unvaccinated children in The Netherlands are allowed at any pre-school and school grade.

In the Netherlands a group about the Shaken Baby Syndrome is founded. Medical advisor and chair of the foundation is Dr Jannes Koetsier.
The foundation “” has been founded by parents who were victims of false accusation and wants to achieve that:

  1. pediatricians investigate better the so-called shaken baby and not rush to suspect parents;
  2. there will be more prevention for other rare diseases and the causes for the SBS abnormalities;
  3. guiltless parents will receive help.

The SBS (bleeding around the brain sometimes with fracture-like bone disorder) is a not often true assumption. Pediatricians often report at SBS suspicion too fast to ensure child protection and justice. This occurs in many countries while medicine disagrees about the SBS etiology and symptomatology.

Adverse event following immunisation public reporting system


There exist several online reports about adverse events following vaccination in the Netherlands at , yet apparently NO PUBLIC / ONLINE SYSTEM