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European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance
We Stand for Freedom of Choice In Vaccination For All Europeans


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Vaccination policy

In Hungary immunisation is mandatory against 11 (eleven) diseases:

  • diphtheria
  • haemophilus influenzae tybe B
  • hepatitis B
  • measles
  • mumps
  • pertussis
  • pneumococcus
  • poliomyelitis
  • rubella
  • tetanus
  • tuberculosis

Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children can be fined. In practice 99% deals with doctors to give a stamp of the vaccine while the vaccine is not given to the child. Those few who discovered the problem with vaccines during their child’s adverse effect and decided to fight the system get cited to the court, where they get fined until the child gets vaccinated. Very few of them paid the fines.

There are no medical exemptions allowed by law.


Unvaccinated children in Hungary: “I have not heard anybody not allowed to go to school because of vaccines. In kindergarden it might happen, though usually those parents were not planning to get their kids to the kindergarden anyway. Thus not a huge loss for them. The major problem is the attitude, harassment from the system. Lately the supreme court ruled that mandatory school is a stronger level of regulation in the legal system then the vaccine obligation thus everybody can play whatever they want for vaccination, no matter what, kid goes to school.”

Adverse event following immunisation public reporting system

It seems that Hungary has NO vaccine adverse reactions whatsoever. The regulation itself is quite correct and educative about the issue. It states that everything should be reported without even thinking if it was a vaccine side effect or not, since time would tell after collecting data. In practice, doctors refuse any assumption of causal relation with the vaccine administered. In the very rare case of a doctor sending a report, it will be refused by the authority as “not proven side effect” not even showing in the records