Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield, awarded 2017 EFVV trophy


Dr. Wakefield, on behalf of the EFVV and all of us present: welcome home!
The European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance decided unanimously to nominate you for its 2017 award.
But before I explain to you why we made this decision, let me say a few words about this trophy: as you can see, it is made of glass, and glass is brittle, like the health of our babies and children; that is why we must take the utmost care of them. It is also transparent, and isn’t transparency exactly what we expect from our decision makers and scientists? The trophy has the shape of a syringe, the symbol of vaccination, but this one has a serious knot in it. This knot could mean a lot of things, and I leave it to you to interpret what it means to you. I know to many of us present, it would mean the end of vaccination altogether. But it could also mean the end of mandatory vaccination, leaving us with freedom of choice. It could mean the end of the repression of people who resist vaccination. It could mean the end of the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, or of the manipulation of information and disinformation of the public. It could mean the end of the heartless indifference towards the victims of vaccination.
When EFVV decided to nominate you for its 2017 award, this referred as much to what I would like to call your pre-retraction period, as to the time thereafter. As to the first period, you did what we expect a doctor to do: you sat with your patients and listened to them. You did not dismiss them because you were not familiar with what they told you about autism. As a scientist, you went beyond listening: you looked for an explanation and, more importantly, for a way to help these poor children. As a real scientist, you took a fact for a fact, and adjusted your views and theories to those facts instead of reacting the other way around as is unfortunately, the way too many of your colleagues behave. After the retraction of your article you were fiercely attacked, but you took those attacks with great dignity and extraordinary courage. Let us not be mistaken: there is a war going on here, a war on information, and you, Dr. Wakefield, have been on the front line of this war for over twenty years, taking the bullets for basically all of us, but especially for those children who did not have a voice to defend themselves. This has resulted in great loss for yourself, but we want you to know that your courage has not been in vain: because of you many others are now following in your footsteps, dropping their fears, speaking out and spreading the word. Tonight, I especially think of the people who organised this event. Obviously, it takes more than Merck, Sanofi-Pasteur and GlaxoSmithKline together to stop or even to intimidate a handful of very determined British women and men, acting as a team. If they could not stop these few people, how could they ever stop the rest of this audience, and a similar group in Brussels, and in Paris, in Rome and all over the USA? They cannot and they will not!
So, Dr. Wakefield, it is for all these reasons: your wisdom, your courage, your integrity, and your continued efforts to inform the public, that the EFVV has nominated you for this Award.
It is my honour and privilege to offer you this trophy.
Kris Gaublomme, MD, EFVV Chairman


On February 8th, 2017 a French statement about this unprecedented censorship has been released. And here you’ll find a report on the Bruxelles debate.

Two dearest friends released an extensive video on the Bruxelles and Paris events. Another one released a pictures gallery on Facebook.

350, plus guests and the organizers, witnessed the

VAXXED Premiere in central London and award ceremony

on February 14th, 2017

Live Q&A panel from the VAXXED premiere in London

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Thank you all for participating!!