Join the event “Light a Candle for the Vaccine-damaged” held on International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day. People gather in public places (streets, town squares or parks) and light candles to remember the suffering or even death of vaccine-injured children and adults. This event brings to our attention that vaccination is not a harmless act and can have adverse effects, sometimes even very serious. At a time when vaccination is mandatory in many countries throughout the world, it is even more important to inform people about the potential risks of vaccination. Vaccine injury is often denied by the health authorities and state officials even though many medical experts all over the world warn about the risks. Only the parents of vaccine-injured children know the truth.


350, plus guests and the organizers, witnessed the

VAXXED Premiere in central London and award ceremony

on February 14th, 2017

Live Q&A panel from the VAXXED premiere in London

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Thank you all for participating!!