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Austria - against mandatory vaccination

But Austrian people have taken to the streets see more. And doctors are speaking out against tyranny.

Like retired Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Diether Schönitzer saying that ''administration of mRNA-containing substances that are incorrectly referred to as vaccines...(D)estroy the cells of the vaccinated person resulting in immunological cell and tissue destruction in the vaccinated persons, which leads to the well-known thromboembolism, to the destruction of heart muscle cells, lung and kidney tissue, and ultimately to exhaustion of the immune system.''

see original letter

It could not get more clear than that. Boosters will make it worse. It has been proved in four studies now:

German study and a rational explanation of it here

Danish study

Harvard study

and other relevant sources from UK:

 Lancet and here and also here for 145 countries.

Use these studies to resist. People have power.

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The EFVV (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance) is an alliance of member-organisations and individual members from 25 European countries.  Our member-organisations consist of consumer groups and pro-choice groups whose members in turn include medical professionals and scientists. Their combined memberships exceed 100,000. We call on all Europeans to stand together in a demand for a united vaccination policy based on freedom of choice and informed consent.  We believe that mandatory vaccination is not only a serious risk but a violation of human rights and dignity.  We therefore demand transparency and caution as well as recognition and concern for the many vaccine-injured in Europe and beyond.

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