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Austrian court overturns judgment: PCR test is not suitable for diagnosis

A sensational verdict that gave the Kurz government a resounding slap in the face. The court states in several places that a PCR test is not suitable for determining infectivity. This probably factually correct judgment indirectly rejects the entire corona policy in Austria, which is based on this test.

Ein Sensationsurteil, das der Panikpolitik der Regierung Kurz eine schallende Ohrfeige erteilt. Das Gericht hält an mehreren Stellen fest, dass ein PCR-Test nicht dazu geeignet ist, die Infektiosität zu bestimmen. Dieses wahrscheinlich faktisch korrekte Urteil erteilt indirekt der gesamten Corona-Politik in Österreich eine Absage, welche auf ebendiesem Test beruht.

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The EFVV (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance) is an alliance of member-organisations and individual members from 25 European countries.  Our member-organisations consist of consumer groups and pro-choice groups whose members in turn include medical professionals and scientists. Their combined memberships exceed 100,000. We call on all Europeans to stand together in a demand for a united vaccination policy based on freedom of choice and informed consent.  We believe that mandatory vaccination is not only a serious risk but a violation of human rights and dignity.  We therefore demand transparency and caution as well as recognition and concern for the many vaccine-injured in Europe and beyond.

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