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UK alliance concerns on covid vaccine

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance, a group of medical professionals, scientists, academics and lawyers supporting medical choice and informed consent, sent an open letter on 23 rd November 2020 to the MHRA, the JCVI and UK Secretary of State for Health
and Social Care, Matt Hancock, expressing serious evidence-based concern over the use of a “Covid vaccine”:

Main points:

  • ONS (Office of National Statistics) data reveal that the public health risk from SARS-CoV-2 has been grossly over-estimated.
  • The RT-PCR test has been inappropriately employed as a diagnostic tool.
  • The public health risk from a Covid vaccine has been inadequately assessed.
  • A false sense of urgency has been used to justify fast-tracking a genetically-modified vaccine using a new technology with unknown long-term effects.
  • The MHRA is anticipating a high volume of ADRs.
  • The vaccine manufacturers have been granted full immunity from liability for injury or death from the vaccines.


Analysis of the data reveals that there is no longer any existential threat to society from SARS-CoV-2 but the risk of attempting to inoculate all 60+ million in the UK with an experimental vaccine using novel technologies, without full transparency as to potential risks or fully informed consent, could be considered legally irresponsible, even negligent.