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Vera Sharav support

Sorry for being late but we believe Vera's speech is always relevant because she is telling the truth.

She is able to compare the horrors of what happened during Nazism and what is happening today

because she has experienced both. Her speech gives us food for thought. As human beings we need to

take time and think deeper or actually think (it is not a valid argument to just repeat something we heard or

we were taught in school or during some superficial conversation). Think about history repeating itself.

As humans we need to come to terms with our ''dark'' parts, we need to aknowledge them in order to change them.

Most of the times we just say: ''I would never do something like that. I am a good person.'' But here we go again.

People just repeat the same horrors that we as humans promised would never do again. When you don't acknowledge what actually happened, how can you prevent yourself from doing it again? We need to be able to have a deep conversation about these horrors and not dismiss them. About human experiments, about bodily integrity, about sovereignty, how to protect ourselves from manipulation and harm, how to really know when something is truthfull or fake.

We have been relentlessly silenced and censored and ignored, but we have created new spaces for conversations like this. A new space is just a possibility, now each one of us has to be willing to go deeper and create healing and transformative conversations, that will create new communities and healing environments for everyone who is looking for it.

Listen to Vera's speech here: Vera's speech

Senta Depuyt wrote an article of support for Vera. Check it out: docxtime-to-support-vera-sharav_6fd1f.docx or the French version: docxsoutien-a-vera-sharav.-plus-jamais-ca_88baf.docx

You can also check out this article on how to differentiate between fake and true informations: fake or true?

Stay alert and take time to think deeper